Tory “sets to lose up to 550 seats” in the “driving” of the UK local elections, Paul said.


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MIA “Rosiya Segodnya”

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MIA “Rosiya Segodnya”

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Britain’s Conservatives are caught up in a recent scandal, Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces the possibility of a distrust resolution for dropping out of the so-called “partisan” line, and disillusioned Tory voters turn “opposite” ..

The British Conservatives are heading for one of the worst performances in local elections. Research We predict that we may lose nearly 550 seats.
Voter opposition Living expenses over the so-called “party gate” scandal and disappointment of the government’s response to the so-called “party gate” scandal in which Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prime Minister Lishi Snack were fined by the police at the Prime Minister’s surprise birthday party in the Cabinet Room in June 2020. The Tory Party is expected to fall below 980 seats and lose 548 seats due to the crisis.
This is from a survey of 1,749 adults in the 201 Council conducted on May 5. Election calculation In collaboration with FindOutNow. Opinion polls have shown that the opposition Labor Party will win 3,500 seats with more than 800 profits.

Tory is predicted to lose control of flagship councils such as Wandsworth, Westminster, Burnett, Southampton, Newcastle-under-Lime and Sarlock. Labor candidates can snap 16 councils with a “flip” of 6 percent voters from the Conservatives.

In the United Kingdom, 146 councils, including all 32 wards of London, are electing on Thursday.

Elections for the day will take place in all 32 Scottish councils and in all 22 Welsh councils. In Northern Ireland, voters will elect 90 members of the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The Labor Party’s lead predicted by the vote was 15%, with 24% to the Tories, 39% to the Labor Party, and 15% to the Liberal Democratic Party, showing the greatest support for the Labor Party in local elections since the mid-’90s. Telegraph.

For Tory, on the other hand, this would be a loss comparable to 1996, led by Sir Tony Blair. Labor PartyJohn Major was a conservative prime minister.

At that time, Labor recalled the outlets as having more than three times as many seats as the Conservatives.

“The focus of the new’partisan’has exacerbated the bad situation for conservatives by persuading more conservative supporters not to run for local elections. Results can be bad for Boris Johnson, especially if the Conservatives lose hundreds of council seats and major flagship councils like Wandsworth and Westminster.

“Exciting” Sue Gray Partygate Report “Maybe Enough to End” Boris Johnson

Further controversy over local elections arose on Monday after suspicions of an agreement between the Labor Party and the Liberal Democratic Party surfaced.

The telegram reported that the leaked analysis showed that the Labor Party had one-third fewer candidates in the Liberal Democratic Party’s target area in the southwest than in previous local elections. Meanwhile, in the northeastern and northwestern parts of England, where Labor had historically had deep roots, the LDP was also reported to have fewer candidates than in 2018. ..

“This is even worse evidence of a vague closed-door deal between Labor and the Liberal Democratic Party, trying to sew certain seats in a closed room and deny voters a democratic choice,” Dauden said.

The two parties denied a formal agreement, but a Democratic analysis of the candidate list quoted in the publication shows that the Labor Party was against the Liberal Democratic Party in 131 council districts in the United Kingdom for Thursday’s elections. Showed that he did not submit the candidate. In the southeast and southwest. This is a significant increase from the 14th district in 2018.

It was also shown that the Liberal Democratic Party did not offer candidates to oppose the Labor Party’s opposition in the 711th ward from the 617th ward in 2018.

A LDP spokesman was quoted as deliberately dismissing the party’s speculation as “totally nonsense” for “good” candidates.

“Parties always allocate resources in a practical way to win as many seats as possible,” the spokesman said.

The results of local elections could fuel further speculation about the fate of Boris Johnson’s leadership. The prime minister, who was campaigning in Sunderland on Monday, is facing an upcoming untrustworthy vote.

Tory rebels allegedly plotting Kick out He set up the publication of civil servant Sue Gray’s “Party Gate” Report As a timeline when they can submit a letter unconfident to the Prime Minister to Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the backbench’s conservative 1922 Committee. Tory “sets to lose up to 550 seats” in the “driving” of the UK local elections, Paul said.

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