Tourism with a strong resurgence

On Sundays, bathe under a sunshade at Fariraki Beach, a popular holiday resort on the Aegean island of Rhodes, southeastern Greece. Greece hopes to recover its annual tourism revenues from the record year of 2019 after the pandemic has had a serious impact on the country’s key tourism industry. [AP]

A dynamic recovery in the tourism sector near pre-pandemic levels in 2019 is predicted by industry experts with record arrivals and travel receipts.

The data also suggest that the war in Ukraine does not seem to discourage bookings and travel abroad, not only for Americans but also for Europeans.

In addition, large airline seating plans show that they are preparing for the strong summer season.

According to data from the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), confidence in this sector has reached a new high level, with three in four Europeans planning to travel by September.

This recovery is also reflected in data from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (Eurocontrol), which shows stable flight activity in Greece at 90% of 2019 in the period up to May 29.

Currently, recovery is being developed primarily in Attica, in the area of ​​urban breaks.

On weekends, the large five-star hotel in the heart of the Greek capital shows a very high occupancy comparable to the Athens Riviera. However, as the distance from the center and the coastline increases, the occupancy rate drops significantly.

“The current average share of hotels per year is estimated to be 50%,” according to industry insiders in a comment to Casimerini. Also, the hotel’s short-term competitors are short-term rentals. Visitors from Germany, France and the United States dominate arrivals, with high average per capita spending per visit.

The outlook for tourism to recover nearly 100% of 2019 numbers this summer is confirmed by an update by Fritz Joussen, CEO of TUIAG, the group that manages the largest share of package holidays in Greece. increase.

“We are sticking to our summer goals, which we anticipate approaching 2019 levels in all markets,” Joussen told Kathimerini, which attracted more than 3 million visitors to Greece this year. I added that I would bring it to.

The bustle of the city center is obvious and has a vibrancy that hasn’t been seen since the year before the pandemic. Needless to say, according to data from the Cultural Resources Management and Development Organization (ODAP), the number of visitors to the archaeological site is about two-thirds of 2019. Tourism with a strong resurgence

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