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Toyota Mirai highlights sustainability at Expo 2020 Dubai

Toyota unveiled innovative environment-friendly technology at one of the world’s largest events, and the new generation Toyota Mirai made its UAE debut as the official car of the Japan Pavilion at the Dubai International Exposition. A state-of-the-art fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) powered by hydrogen provides a 100% electric driving experience with best-in-class efficiency and zero emissions, achieves carbon neutrality and is sustainable for everyone. It emphasizes Toyota’s efforts to create high mobility.

Selected as a representative example of craftsmanship and innovation, the state-of-the-art Toyota Mirai will provide outstanding mobility solutions to Japan Pavilion staff through expo events that have attracted many visitors since its opening. We welcome the world in early October.

“It is a great honor for Toyota Mirai to be selected as the official car of the Japan Pavilion at this groundbreaking global rally. The theme of Expo 2020,” Connecting Hearts and Creating the Future, “is Focused on sustainability, agility and opportunity, all of which are in line with Toyota’s vision for a better world. This is in line with UAE’s “Net Zero by 2050” strategic initiative aimed at having a positive impact on the environment, “said Kei Fujita of Toyota Motor Corporation’s Middle East and Central Asia representative offices. Mr. says.

He added: “Thanks to the UAE Government for its efforts to build sustainability and a bright future, and with loyal customers who continue to inspire us to build” better “cars. “

Toyota’s flagship sedan, Mirai, is a rear-wheel drive sports luxury FCEV that combines impressive design, state-of-the-art technology and premium driving performance. Advanced technology of the future will enable in-house power generation using in-vehicle fuel cells.

FCEV technology, first developed by Toyota in 1992, converts hydrogen and oxygen into electricity to power electric motors and produces zero emissions with water alone as a by-product. The future of the new generation offers a class-leading range of 650 km and can be refueled in just 3-5 minutes. Its electric motor can generate 134kW of torque, producing responsive acceleration that can carry a vehicle from 40 to 70 km / h in just 2.8 seconds.

Recognizing that encounters with external influences have played an important role in the development of Japanese culture throughout history, the Japan Pavilion has adopted the theme of “a place where ideas meet.” .. In line with this concept, the pavilion façade combines traditional arabesques with Japanese “Asanoha” patterns to create an impressive design that reflects the traditional Japanese origami origami art. ..

Takehiro Tomiyasu, Director of the Japan Pavilion Japan Chapter, said: Mirai means “future” in Japanese and is a name that resonates with the theme of the pavilion, aiming to build a safer, more environmentally friendly and easier future for everyone.

We are pleased to welcome Toyota to embark on this inspiring journey. And we look forward to exploring the exciting possibilities of events of this size by bringing people to a global celebration of human ingenuity. “

Toyota Mirai of the Japan Pavilion is fueled via a mobile hydrogen station with the support of Air Products located on the premises of Alfoottime Motors in Dubai.

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