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Travel at Dubai Airport has surged this year and will fully recover by 2024.

According to the CEO of the Gulf Hub, the number of passengers using Dubai’s major airports should double this year as the border reopens, but will recover to pre-Covid levels by 2024. It may take.

Paul Griffith, CEO of Dubai International Airport, said Dubai International Airport’s customer traffic will reach 57 million in 2022, stimulated by global moves to free the travel of vaccinated passengers. It is expected. Bloomberg TV interview. This is compared to last year’s 29.1 million people.

“We have reached that inflection where the blockade did their job,” Griffith said. “When people confidently earn disposable income, the urge to travel that they haven’t done for a long time will be very pronounced.”

The reopening of markets such as Australia is especially welcomed at global crossroads that rely on connecting the Asia-Pacific region with the rest of the world by stopping in Dubai. However, countries, including China, are still closed, and 2022 forecasts are about the same volume as they were 10 years ago. Griffith said it could take 18 months from the end of the year to reach 2019 levels.

That year, Dubai attracted 86.4 million travelers and became the largest international airport in the world. This is a status that reflects Emirates’ superiority as a home carrier on global long haul routes.

Griffith said this year’s demand could be surprising upwards, and strong booking trends, including “very promising” summer sales, estimate that Dubai Airport is probably “a little conservative.” It suggests that.

Border opening
The CEO said optimistic border restrictions would be further eased by receiving a full vaccination in the coming weeks. The UK, which offers Dubai some of the busiest routes, has abolished testing of vaccinated arrivals, but Australia reopens its borders on Monday after a strict travel ban for almost two years. Did.

https://gulfbusiness.com/dubai-airports-sees-travel-surge-this-year-full-rebound-by-2024/ Travel at Dubai Airport has surged this year and will fully recover by 2024.

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