Travel writer Dervla Murphy dies at the age of 90, “living an adventurous life on the edge”

Devra MurphyThe brave Irish travel writer died at the age of 90. Based in West Waterford, with over 25 books, the author has traveled the world from Peru to Pakistan, Africa, India and Siberia to Cuba, Romania, Laos and Israel.

Her first book as an avid cyclist was Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle (1965). Her description of her six-month journey across Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and the Himalayas to Pakistan and India established her as her extraordinary new voice.

A master of straight reportage, she has become a travel writer’s hero, and travel writer Colin Thubron’s “unpretentious, brilliant, honest and accessible” book featuring “simple humor and charm.” I fascinated the reader with what I said. She travels by bike, walk, pack pony, or public transport – she never learned to drive – Murphy listens to and observes conversations with locals in more than 30 countries visited. , Recorded.

In 1979, she won the Christopher Ewart Bigs Memorial Award at A Place Apart: Northern Ireland, written after spending time with members of the Protestant and Catholic communities in the 1970s (1978). In 2019, the Royal Geographical Society received the Ness Award for “Dissemination of Geography through Travel Literature”. In 2021, she received the prestigious Edward Stanford Award for her outstanding contribution to the writing of her trip.

Murphy was born in 1931 and grew up in Lismore, Waterford, the only child of Dublin, Fergus and Kathleen Murphy. She always returned there after she traveled. “I never lived anywhere else in my West Waterford,” she said.

“Dabura, of course, lived an adventurous life at the edge of social class and gender norms, but even at the edge of actual physical survival. At the heart of Irish literary norms, it encourages young people to go out and experience the real world, not just the virtual world, “said her friend Ethel Crawley.

Dervla Murphy is survived by daughter Rachel and granddaughters Rose, Clodagh and Zea. Travel writer Dervla Murphy dies at the age of 90, “living an adventurous life on the edge”

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