Trial against Egyptian Researcher Zaki postponed to 27/9-English

-ROMA, 21 GIU-The trial against Egyptian researcher Patrick Zaki, who was at the University of Bologna in Italy before being arrested by Egyptian authorities on his return to his country, was postponed to September 27.

Zaki told ANSA on Tuesday morning after a recent hearing in the Egyptian city of Mansoura.

“Today they only had my ID card. They told me to take me out and wait. I was there for two hours without knowing what had happened. Then they told me [the hearing] It was postponed until September 27th. “

“It’s been 28 months now that Patrick Zaki has been trapped in an arbitrary mechanism of justice and has been depriving him of his complete freedom from one postponement to another, which is 31. This is an exorbitant period. A period of punishment in itself since Patrick was accused of crime in Orwell’s sound: “The spread of fake news”, by writing the truth “of Amnesty International. Italy branch chief Ricardo Nouri told ANSA.

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