Tropical Storm Nan Madol Won’t Affect Taiwan: CWB

TAIPEI, Sept. 14 (CNA) The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Wednesday that Tropical Storm Nan Madol’s current path indicated it would not pose a threat to Taiwan in the coming days.

As of 8 a.m. Wednesday, the tropical storm was 1,880 km east of Taipei, packing a maximum sustained wind of about 72 km/h near its center and generating winds of 54 km/h within a 100 km radius. was shown by the CWB data.

CWB forecasts show it moving northwest toward the Ryukyu Islands, about 1,780 km east of Taiwan at 2 a.m. Thursday, indicating that Taiwan will not be affected anytime soon. I mean

Both the CWB and Joint Typhoon Warning Center websites show that Nan Madol, which intensified into a tropical storm early Wednesday morning, will eventually turn north, head for the west coast of Kyushu, and miss Taiwan entirely. I’m here.

Meanwhile, as of 2 a.m. Wednesday, Typhoon Muifa was 330 km northeast of Taiwan and was moving toward central China, passing through waters north of Taipei, CWB data showed.

However, areas along the northern coast and Hengchun Peninsula in the south, as well as Orchid Island, may still experience gusty winds, according to the CWB.

On the other hand, areas in northern Taoyuan and eastern Taiwan, including Green Island, Lan Island, Hengchun Peninsula, and Lianjiang County, may still experience coastal swells.

Peng Chi-ming, meteorologist and CEO of WeatherRisk Explore Inc., said while Muifa was moving away from Taiwan, there was some humidity that could bring sporadic rainfall to northern Taiwan on Wednesday. said it remained.

However, he said sunny skies could be expected over the next few days.

Meanwhile, CWB Executive Director Chung Myung-chun said there are currently three tropical cyclones in the Pacific. Muifa, Nanmadol, and Typhoon Merbok, about 4,070 km east of Taipei as of 2 am Wednesday morning.

According to CWB data, the last time three tropical cyclones formed together in the Pacific was last year’s Tropical Storms Rupi, Mirine, and Nida.

(by Chang Hsiung-feng and Sean Lin) enditem/ls Tropical Storm Nan Madol Won’t Affect Taiwan: CWB

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