Trump calls the January 6 riot the “biggest movement” in US history and “makes America great again.”

Washington (Sputnik)-Former US President Donald Trump on Thursday will begin hearings with the US House of Commons Election Committee to present their findings that day.

“The non-selective committee learned that, as President, I felt that the crowd would be so large that I proposed and proposed to deploy up to 20,000 National Guards or troops in DC, Crazy Nancy Pelosi. She declined the offer, she didn’t like how it looked. Similarly, the mayor of DC. Had they accepted the offer, it wouldn’t have been January 6, “Trump said.

Mr. Trump pointed out that the panel refused to investigate and report evidence that “it indicates that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent and stolen.”

“The Unselect Commission didn’t spend a minute investigating why people went to Washington, DC in large numbers, which is far more than the fake news media is trying to report, or Unselects. It’s not just a protest, it’s the biggest movement in our history to make America great again, “Trump said.

A special committee investigating the January 6 riots at the Capitol will begin a series of prime-time hearings on Thursday, making its findings publicly available, including previously unseen evidence.

What do Congressmen expect when presenting the results of the January 6 riot investigation?

Trump and other critics said the task of the Special Committee was a show trial aimed at earning political points, as the FBI had already investigated the matter, with US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi paneling. Challenge the panel’s work, which he said was biased because he refused to admit the Republicans proposed in.

Republican lawmakers have also criticized the timing of the hearing, arguing that it is the Democratic Party’s efforts to undermine the Republican Party in the November midterm elections. Trump calls the January 6 riot the “biggest movement” in US history and “makes America great again.”

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