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Trust Wallet, self-managed and Multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet The application has announced the launch of an all-new browser extension wallet. It supports all EVM chains, not just Solana, and is currently available in browsers including: chromiumBrave, Opera.

This browser extension complements mobile wallets from Trust Wallet, the world’s leading mobile crypto wallet with over 60 million downloads and over 10 million monthly active users worldwide. Both versions of Trust Wallet offer enhanced web3 accessibility, providing a more seamless wallet experience in both desktop and mobile environments.

Trust Wallet’s browser extension allows users to manage, store, send and receive over 8 million tokens across all EVM chains and Solana. This includes Ethereum, BNB chains, Polygon, and Avalanche, with the ability to custom add other his EVM chains. In the coming months he will have more non-EVMs to be announced.

Ultimately, the Trust Wallet browser extension will improve the multi-chain experience for users on desktop. Auto-detection of networks enables a seamless dApp experience without the need to manually add networks. The browser extension also allows users to go beyond centralized exchanges (CEX) and effectively discover web3 games, the metaverse, DeFi, tokens not found on CEX, and more.

“Our users’ number one request is a browser extension, and they want the same great user experience and multi-chain coverage as the Trust Wallet mobile app. , and continue to provide access to exciting dApps from various chains.This is our first step, and we are listening to user and developer feedback to improve.”
– Ewyn Chen CEO of Trust Wallet

Features already present in Trust Wallet’s mobile app, such as multi-wallet support, NFT support, fiat onramp providers, and non-EVM blockchain integration, will be added to the browser extension to improve parity between desktop and mobile versions . However, there are some unique features that will first start with the expansion, like hardware wallet support. Trust Wallet launches expected browser extension for cryptocurrency management app » CryptoNinjas

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