Try historic rides in Tatra

Currently, two historic trams are moving between popular stations.

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Tatra’s historic tram has entered a new summer season. On June 19, they made their first ride between Poprad and Sitrubscape Reso.

Every Saturday from this day to September 3, the retro tram Trojča takes the route Poprad – Starý Smokovec – Štrbské Pleso. Every Sunday until September 4, the historic set of cometas will ride the Tatrans Carromnica.

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Tatra Travel Guide: A fresh view of Slovakia's stunning soul.
Tatra Travel Guide: A fresh view of Slovakia’s stunning soul. (Source: Magnificent Slovakia)

“But temporarily, Cometa’s electric cars will be replaced by a slightly younger veteran’TUčko’engine locomotive from 1968,” said Yang of Poprat’s veteran railroad club, as TASR Newswire quoted. Sabaka said. “Cometa has detected a transmission failure. It will be repaired within a few weeks.”

TUčko carries the original historic wagon of the Kométa TEVD 16 from 1911. Sabaka guaranteed that the popular Tatra legend would return to the truck as soon as the repairs were completed.

“When I disassembled the transmission, I found that I needed to make new gear,” said Sabaka, quoted by TASR. “It is the drive segment that drives the machine, and if damage occurs, it will remain damaged on the truck, so it is only part of the locomotive that must be in 100% condition. Currently in production. We are designing a new gear. I think Kométa will be back in track soon. “

Haitatra’s historic tram rides are supported by the Haitatra region, northeastern Slovakia, and Slovak travel organizations. Sabaka believes that they can increase visits to the area.

“Historical trains have experienced a huge boom across Slovakia, and this transport will surely refresh the summer in the Tatra Mountains,” he said, as TASR quoted. Passengers can purchase tickets online or directly from the guide. Departure from Poprad is always scheduled for 9:25 am.

Tatra novelty

The Tatra Mountains also officially launched the summer tourist season at this event. After a two-year pandemic, we believe more visitors will find a way to the area.

“After these difficult years, we are pleased that the rigorous measures are more or less a thing of the past and that the summer can begin in earnest,” said Lenka Rusnáková, director of the High Tatras Tourism Association, quoted by TASR. I did.

Locals organize several concerts and sporting events for tourists during the summer, and the popular children’s festival Medvedie dni na Hrebienku (Bear Days at Hrebienok) will return to High Tatras at the end of July.

The novelty of transportation from Tatranská Lomnica to Skalnaté Pleso is to use an orange 6-seater cable car instead of a 4-seater cable car in the summer starting June 17th.

According to TASR, Dušan Slavkovský, director of the High Tatras Mountain Resort, said, “There is a major overhaul. The larger capacity should make transportation to the start station more comfortable and at the same time longer waiting times. If there is a growing interest in transportation, it should be kept to a minimum. “

Spectacular Slovak Travel Guide Try historic rides in Tatra

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