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TS has not updated the activities of the Minority Commission and other such agencies

When the recent Dharam Sansad attended the session and Hindu right-wing ecosystem prophets or saints sent hate speech from the Saffron stage, causing turmoil, primarily by Muslims, the Uttarakhand State Commission was appointed to the Uttarakhand State Government. I only asked for a report from. This speaks to the situation in the country. Although such hatred Sansads are not organized in Telangana, it is appropriate to note that there is no State Minority Commission in Telangana, an agency that guarantees the protection of religious minority rights. ..

According to Section 12 of the Telangana Minority Act of 1998, the Commission resembles a civil court, the work of various constitutional safeguards for the protection of minorities, and the federal and state governments. Is to evaluate the law passed by. ‘. You have the authority to make recommendations to implement safeguards against minorities and to investigate complaints related to infringement of the rights of the minority community.

With the above powers, the State Commission can protect the constitutional and human rights of which the minority has rights.

Retired engineer-in-chief Mohammed Kamaldin was appointed chairman of the seven-member Telangana Minority Commission in January 2018, but his term and members will be three years later. Ended. Since then, there are no fees.

To be fair, the Commission listened to several cases and petitions and handled them appropriately as needed. However, it was not possible to instill confidence in Islam at a critical time. It is a protest of the Anti-Citizenship Amendment Act of 2020. It simply forwarded the statements received to the state government for “necessary actions.” Representatives may have been transferred due to political considerations.

With the switch to 2021, when Islamic genocide and migration are required, it will be more important than ever to have a state minority committee to protect the constitutional rights of the minority community.

As with the status of the State Minority Commission, other agencies entrusted with the socio-economic development of minorities share a similar fate.

For example, Telangana State Minorities Finance Corporation remains headless. To make matters worse, providing a link to one of its key features, a bankable scheme, hasn’t been done for at least three years. Since 2015, no new loan applications have been required and companies have not yet cleared the 10,000 rupee loan application, according to people familiar with the matter.

The term is due to expire in February, and the state government has not yet begun to move towards the election of the Telangana State Wakf Board, a committee governing more than 38,000 institutions. The Telangana Haji Commission has no chairman, members, or full-time executive officers.

https://www.siasat.com/testing-times-in-india-ts-has-not-renewed-working-of-minorities-commission-other-such-bodies-2250551/ TS has not updated the activities of the Minority Commission and other such agencies

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