Tsai Opens Drone R&D Center in Chiayi County

TAIPEI, Aug. 13 (CNA) Drone research and development (R&D) is critical to enabling nations to achieve self-reliance while enhancing asymmetric defense capabilities, President Tsai Ing-wen said inaugurated on Saturday. said in the formula. A state-owned drone research and development facility in Chiayi County.

In a speech at the opening ceremony of the Asia UAV AI Innovation Application R&D, Tsai said that in recent years, drone applications have moved from recreational uses to agriculture, as evidenced by the crucial role of drones in the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. and moving to national defense. A center managed by the Chiayi county government and the central government.

Faced with an unpredictable international political situation, Taiwan is critical to becoming more independent in developing asymmetric warfare capabilities by building warships and aircraft domestically, and establishing a local drone industry. is an important step in achieving that goal.

As part of the government’s efforts to develop drone technology, expand the market, and develop human resources, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications said in March that it hopes to create a roadmap to support the growth and expansion of the drone industry. We have put together an alliance of drone manufacturers. The president spoke about the drone’s coverage.

Home to plains, mountains and coastal regions, Chiayi has become the perfect testing ground for unmanned aerial vehicles, she said, adding that the new research facility in Uraji City will be joined by the Aviation Research and Development Center in nearby Minxiong Township and another in Taibao. It added that it is combined with the drone research and development institute of The city establishes the county as a major hub for drone development.

Currently, 20 companies have offices in the R&D center, with plans to set up test sites, drone operator licensing facilities, drone-related academies and a national stadium for drone-related competitions, she said. . Tsai Opens Drone R&D Center in Chiayi County

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