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TSMC plans to start production of 2nm in 2025: Report

Taipei: The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world’s largest contract maker of chips, is probably about to start production of 2nm by 2025, media reports say.

According to a WccFTech report, Gizmo China reported Wednesday that the company is building a second 2nm production facility next to Zhonke Park in Taichung, Taiwan.

Apparently, TSMC CEO CCWei suddenly visited Taichung City Government last week. Taichung Mayor Lu Shiow-yen said the cost of installing this new 2nm fab could be an astonishing NT $ 1 trillion (about $ 36 billion).

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The smaller the process node, the more transistors in the chip can be and the more energy efficient it is. However, the report states that it is still too early to determine whether the plan to build a 2nm production base will actually be implemented.

According to a recent report, the company plans to start production of chips built on the 3nm process in the fourth quarter of 2022.

The new 3nm processor features enhanced performance features and better battery life. The 3nm M3 chip powers the 2023 Mac as well as the iPhone model.

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