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Kevin Sherwin

Yes, this year again, the 66th Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the northern Italian city of Turin, so it’s time for Europe to rally songs.

Twelve months ago, Italy defeated their favorites France and Switzerland, marking their first victory in the band Maneskin since 1990. And now they are honored to hold the contest.

Every year, it seems that the report starts with controversial news, and this year is no exception. Conflicts in Eastern Europe have “banned” Russia from the contest and it may take some time before they are invited.

Despite what is happening in Ukraine, their representative Kalush Orchestra is attending Turin and expects to get a standing ovation before they start the performance.

Israel had little participation. Just a few weeks before they were due to fly to Turin, there were concerns about the safety and protection of the artists there.

We are pleased to have Michael Ben David and the Israeli delegation organize it and perform live here in Turin.

Now let’s get down to business. Forty countries will be on stage at the Paraolin Pico Arena under the slogan “The Sound of Beauty,” but unfortunately strict restrictions still remain and most media outlets are online instead of events. Only events can be taken up. Normal access to the press center.

You can watch rehearsals, press conferences, and interview artists online, but fortunately, we’ve secured tickets for the live show, so we can now participate in the 23rd Eurovision Song Contest. increase.

Things haven’t started well in the eyes of the world of Turin for making epic TV shows, apparently the stage featuring a huge spinning sun is broken and can’t rotate and is fixed in one position & Unfortunately it can’t be fixed without completely dismantling the whole stage, something that can’t be done in time, so many delegations change the stage presentation to take this unfortunate accident into account. I had to do it.

Some artists were angry at what happened, and the Albanian singer apparently wept as she was preparing for a few weeks for a stage routine to take in the spinning sun.

As for the Albanian performance, she was asked to tone down the presentation because the organizer thought it was a bit too filthy.

Of course, anyone who loves Eurovision is an expert and can predict who will win the show, so some say Italy will double this year and win the show for the second time in a row, but what about Sweden? I may have something to say. It is the second most popular, with seven victories and hopes to rival the Irish record.

Spain, which won the last contest in 1969, is also expected to be in the top five, and the Mayor of Valencia has already stated that if Spain wins, his city will decide to hold it in 2023.

Pay attention to the UK this year. Usually at the bottom of the scoreboard, Spaceman’s Sam Ryder has received a lot of praise and could actually be in the top five.

Romania is represented by “Andrei Ionut Ursu”, called “WRS” in his song “lamane”, which won the Romanian national selection in March this year.

Originally he started his career as a dancer and was once a member of the Romanian boy band, but now he is on the biggest stage of his life and wants to make it to the Grand Finals.

This is what Romania did only once every seven years, when Illinca and Alexa Floora finished seventh in “Yodelit” in 2017.

During the rehearsal, WRS looked like a Spanish bullfighter in a shirt with red sequins and black leather trousers.

As always at Eurovision, there are weird and wonderful performers this year as usual.

Norway is represented by a wolf masked man who claims to have come from space and has a passion for bananas. I think it’s strange, but of course this is Eurovision.

There are two very talked-about performances this year. Serbia is washing her hands on stage for 3 minutes. This only seems to be a reference to covid. Latvia is singing about turning green and saving the earth. I’m sure this will be voted on by Greta Thunberg.

The Estonian entry was intriguing, reminiscent of the old spaghetti western and seemingly written as a homage to Ennio Morricone’s work. If you listen carefully, you may hear similarities to the Clint Eastwood movie theme. Good things, bad things, and ugly things. “

Moldova is Zdobsi Zdub and the Advahov brothers have a song called “Trenuletul”.

Every train journey from Chisinău to Bucharest features good old fiddles and accordions. They represented Moldova twice in 2005 and 2011, so they are not strangers to Eurovision. Last year, an Australian artist was unable to fly to Rotterdam to perform live due to strict restrictions, but Sheldon Riley managed to join from below and sing his song “not the same”. ..

He has previously appeared in The X Factor Australia, The Voice Australia, and America’s Got Talent, so no one is stranger to the TV show. Regarding his Eurovision entry, he said, “I never thought it was written from the memory of a child who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at the age of six.”

I feel I have to mention the Georgian artist Circus Mircus, formed by the dropouts of three slightly strange local circus academies.

Very eccentric guys who told me I could see throwing a TV out of a hotel room window given the opportunity like all the eccentric rock bands.

Now all the hair has been styled, the makeup has been applied, the dress has been ironed and the flag is ready. Semifinal 1 will be held on Tuesday, May 10th, and Semifinal 2 featuring Romania will be held on Thursday, May 12th.

The final of this 66-year-old “Grandmother” will be broadcast to the world on Saturday, May 14th. Good luck to all the artists. So “Let’s start the Eurovision Song Contest”! Turin welcomes Eurovision Song Contest 2022 – Romanian Journal

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