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Turkey-Armenia normalization negotiations in Russia “scheduled for January”

Armenia has announced that it will allow Turkish goods in the South Caucasus country as Ankara and Yerevan are taking steps to normalize the relationship.

Turkiye’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said the embargo on Armenian Turkish goods was “meaningless”. (AA)

The first meeting of Turkish and Armenian envoys will be held next month to discuss steps to normalize relations between the two countries.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mebrut Chabsogur said, “The date for the first meeting of the Turkish and Armenian special representatives has not yet been set, but it will be held in January.”

Cavusoglu said the mission of the first meeting will exchange views on a roadmap in which measures can be taken, including confidence-building measures.

“The first meeting is important, after which they will continue in Turkey and Armenia through video conferences,” he added.

On December 15, Turkey appointed former Ambassador to the United States Serdar Kılıcz as a special envoy to discuss normalization procedures with Armenia.

Three days later, Armenia appointed Parliamentary Speaker Ruben Rubinyan as a special representative of the dialogue with Turkey.

On December 27, Kabsoguru announced that Russia would host the first meeting to discuss steps to normalize bilateral relations between the Turkish and Armenian special envoys.

Moscow said on Tuesday that it would support the negotiations, saying that “the whole world will benefit from this restructuring of neighboring countries.”

Yerevan lifts “meaningless” import ban

Meanwhile, Armenia has announced a move to lift the embargo on Turkish products and improve relations from January 1.

“A decision has been made not to extend the embargo on the import of Turkish goods into the country,” the Ministry of Economy said.

Turkiye’s Cavusoglu said he was informed about the step, but added that the embargo was “just meaningless.”

The two countries have no diplomatic relations and have a long history of closed frontiers and hostility dating back to World War I.

The ban was initially imposed on Turkey because Ankara assisted Turkic-speaking Azerbaijan in a six-week war with Armenia in 2020 against the Yerevan-occupied Karabakh region.

The war ended with an absolute victory in Azerbaijan, and Russia mediated a ceasefire and withdrew from the occupied territories of decades.

Turkey said charter flights with Armenia were about to begin and are proceeding with normalization discussions in consultation and coordination with Baku.

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