Turkey condemns UNSC decision to extend Unficyp mandate

Turkey’s foreign ministry has characterized the UN Security Council’s decision to extend the mandate of UN peacekeepers in Cyprus as “unfair and unrealistic”.

“The failure to obtain the consent of the TRNC in extending the UN mandate is contrary to established UN practice. It is also a violation of the rights guaranteed to Turkic Cypriots. We fully support the measures announced by the TRNC authorities to rectify this injustice,” the Turkish Foreign Ministry statement said.

According to the ministry, “The decision of the Security Council is, as always, an unjust decision detached from reality”. ignoring the inhumane and illegal segregation of millions of people.”

It also deemed Varosha’s mention of fenced areas to be irrelevant. The UN mandate update refers to previous resolutions calling on the Turkish side to revert changes to abandoned feathers implemented since October 2020.

Turkey’s foreign ministry said it fully supports Turkey’s Cypriot “government” in opening Barosha.

“The reference to Varosha in the decision is irrelevant to the facts. Turkey continues to fully support the actions of the TRNC authorities regarding Varosha’s property rights,” it added.

“The Security Council’s attempt to impose a model of solution that no longer reflects the will of the Turkic-Cypriots towards a solution is an inconsistent and contradictory approach, one that has been tested for almost half a century. has not yielded results, the Turkish foreign ministry continued.

He added that this approach is not a solution, but implies a continuation of the status quo.

“We call on the Security Council and the international community to focus on the reality of the island and to affirm the rights guaranteed to Turkic Cypriots: their sovereign equality and equal international status. I will repeat,” he concluded. Turkey condemns UNSC decision to extend Unficyp mandate

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