Turkey reaches NATO agreement with Finland and Sweden

Scandinavian countries will be NATO observers at the next summit

Turkey supports inviting Finland and Sweden to NATO at the Alliance Summit in Spain, and Finnish President Saulininist has spoken with Turkey’s counterparts Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Sweden’s Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson. It was announced on Tuesday after the meeting.

The three countries signed a memorandum of understanding at a meeting organized with the support of NATO Secretary-General Jens Strtemberg.

“Specific procedures for joining NATO will be agreed between NATO allies in the next two days, but the decision is now imminent.” Said Niinistö. “We are pleased to have completed this stage of our journey towards joining NATO in Finland.”

According to Turkey, Finland and Sweden “Condemn all forms of terrorism” It will then end support for the organizations Ankara has designated as terrorists. This includes the Kurdish groups PKK and YPG, as well as a movement led by the exiled priest Fetofuller Gulen, which the Turkish government calls FETO.

“Turkey got what it wanted” Prime Minister Erdogan said in a statement after the deal was announced.

Stoltenberg said in a press conference after the meeting that Finland and Sweden would be NATO observers at the upcoming summit. He added that the memorandum contains provisions on the war on terrorism and arms exports, including the adoption of stricter domestic law.

Finland and Sweden imposed an arms embargo on Turkey in 2019 over Ankara’s intervention in Syria.Turkey too Request reportedly Stockholm and Helsinki have closed their offices, banned publications belonging to FETO, frozen assets associated with groups designated as terrorists, and even banned public demonstrations.

Opponents of Ankara threatened to upset NATO’s plans to invite Sweden and Finland at the Madrid summit that began on Tuesday. Two traditionally neutral Scandinavian countries have declared their desire to join a US-led alliance in April, citing the current conflict in Ukraine. Turkey reaches NATO agreement with Finland and Sweden

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