Turkey sheds light on Sweden, Finland’s NATO bid, internal conflict remains

Madrid, June 28 (Xinhua)-Turkey agreed to support Sweden and Finland’s NATO application during the NATO summit in Madrid on Tuesday, but conflicts within the military block still remain. I am.

After an extended meeting between the leaders of the three countries with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday afternoon, a trilateral memorandum on Turkey’s security concerns was agreed and signed, and the two North Atlantic Treaty Organizations The road to NATO membership application has been opened.

“We are pleased to announce that Sweden and Finland have signed an agreement to enable NATO accession,” Stoltenberg said at a press conference on Tuesday night. He explained that it included a joint struggle with.

“This will strengthen NATO and Sweden and Finland,” Stoltenberg said, adding that it is time for 30 different parliaments to make a decision. According to NATO, all 30 members must approve the country’s bid in order to be accepted by the alliance.

Some NATO countries have already approved two Scandinavian countries’ bids to join the military alliance in mid-May, but soon after Turkey cites the relationship between Sweden and Finland with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party. The process proved to be less simple (PKK) and the Kurdistan People’s Defense Units (YPG) Turkey, which has been labeled as a terrorist group. Ankara has also expressed dissatisfaction with Sweden’s arms embargo on Turkey.

Over the past few weeks, both Ankara and NATO headquarters in Brussels have held a series of talks aimed at resolving the differences between the two Nordic states and Turkey.

Despite Turkey’s green light on Tuesday, the NATO chief admitted that the conflict within the military block still remains.

“There are still conflicts within the defense alliance, but we are showing the strength of the alliance …” Stortemberg concludes. Turkey sheds light on Sweden, Finland’s NATO bid, internal conflict remains

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