Turkey threatens to block NATO bids in Finland and Sweden

Ankara, May 17: Turkey’s President Legep Typ Erdogan expressed opposition to Finland and Sweden joining NATO hours after saying they would seek to join a military alliance in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

Prime Minister Erdogan addressed reporters on Monday, and the BBC reports that Turkey opposes the two Scandinavian countries joining NATO and describes Sweden as a “hatchery” for terrorist organizations. Finland applies for NATO membership, Sweden follows

“Neither of these countries has a clear and open attitude towards terrorist organizations. How can you trust them?” He asked.

Prime Minister Erdogan is angry at what he sees as trying to accept Kurdish militants.

Turkey accuses Ankara of organizing a 2016 coup attempt with two Scandinavian countries that house members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a group it considers to be a terrorist organization. The BBC reported that it was blaming the followers of the Fuller Gulen.

All Member States must agree that the new country can join NATO. Therefore, Sweden and Finland need Turkey’s support to join the military alliance.

Prime Minister Erdogan said Swedish and Finnish delegations should not bother to go to Ankara to persuade Ankara to approve NATO’s bid.

His government has also promised to block applications from countries that have imposed sanctions.

Finland’s Foreign Minister Pekka Harbist said he was surprised at Turkey’s stance in a speech at the Helsinki parliament on Monday, but added that his government was not interested in “negotiations” with Prime Minister Erdogan.

Finland officially announced its membership in NATO last week.

Neighboring Sweden participated on May 14th.

“NATO will strengthen Sweden and Sweden will strengthen NATO,” Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson said in a briefing on Monday.

She said the formal application would be handed over within a few days and would be synchronized with Finland.

However, Anderson emphasized that Sweden does not want a permanent NATO base or nuclear weapons on its territory.

NATO member countries Norway, Denmark and Iceland quickly said they were ready to help Sweden and Finland in the event of an attack.

The UK, which is also a NATO member, has already provided security to Sweden and Finland to cover the transition period.

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