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Turkey, US benefit from close ties: US Ambassador

Jeff Flake, Washington’s envoy to Ankara, said Turkey “plays a major role on the world stage” and praises Turkey as an “important” country.

Flake was officially appointed US Ambassador in late January. (AA)

Jeff Flake, the new Ambassador to Turkey, welcomed the bilateral relations between Ankara and Washington, saying they “benefit from close relations.”

Turkier is an “important” country and “plays a major role on the world stage,” Jeff Flake told Anadolu Agency on Tuesday in an exclusive interview.

“Türkiye is an important ally to us,” he emphasized, adding that security between Ankara and Washington has been “strengthened.”

Focusing on Türkiye’s position in NATO, he said it was “an important member of NATO and has been 70 years old, so we have many common interests there.” rice field.

Turkey has a “second largest F-16 fleet” and is “the third largest contributor to NATO’s mission,” Flake said.

Regarding the tensions between Russia and Ukraine, the US ambassador said, “Turkey has firmly supported Ukraine’s sovereignty,” and Ankara “shares diplomatic solutions, if any. They have greatly supported them.” Said.

“The relationship with Turkier is even more important because of the threats that are currently occurring in the Ukrainian region,” Flake said.

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“Very complicated process”

Flake officially took over as US Ambassador in late January, replacing David Sutterfield, who had been a Turkish ambassador since June 2019.

At the Roman meeting of the Presidents of Turkey and the United States last fall, Flake said: .. “

He also said that “more advanced visits” are expected as the United States “aims to make the most of this strategic mechanism.”

Flake also said negotiations were on track for the sale and modernization of F-16 fighters.

“In fact, there was a delegation here last week, and there was also a delegation here in December to help prepare the so-called” LoR “or additional F-16 and F-16 modernization demands.” He said.

US diplomats said compensation for Turkey’s F-35 payments was a “very complex process.” He added that lawyers and accountants are working on this issue. The United States sees Turkey’s demands for the new F-16 as “very positive,” as it shows Turkey’s “commitment to NATO,” Flake said.

“It’s clear that interoperability is very important. It’s a positive requirement.”

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Source: AA

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