Turkey’s NATO wish list revealed by the media

Finland and Sweden, which allegedly desire block membership, are facing 10 requests from Ankara.

Turkey has presented Finland and Sweden with a list of 10 requirements that must be met to secure Ankara’s support for NATO member bids, Yeni Safak’s outlet quoted on Wednesday, citing documents obtained. reported.

The Turkish government has not yet confirmed the authenticity of this list, but it corresponds to a previous official statement from Ankara.

Turkey opposes joining the military alliance of the two Scandinavian countries, explaining Finland and Sweden as follows: “Guesthouse for terrorist organizations” This is because it hosts members of Kurdish groups such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is outlawed in Turkey.

The list of requests shows that terrorism-related concerns remain an important issue for Ankara regarding NATO bidding in Helsinki and Stockholm if it is confirmed to be genuine. 7 out of 10 requests are related to this issue.

At the top of the list, Turkey is reportedly asking Finland and Sweden to support it. “In the fight against terrorist organizations” Includes PKK, the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), suspected of attempting a coup in Turkey in 2016, and their affiliates.

Another requirement for Ankara’s list is Sweden and Finland. “Establish the legal regulations and framework necessary to combat terrorism.”

Turkey also hopes to prevent Swedish and Finnish authorities from attempting to establish a PKK branch office. According to a list released by Yeni Safak, FETO activities in both countries will be banned and the website and press will have to be closed.

Ankara also demanded that terrorist organizations freeze their assets, deport and hand over suspected terrorists, and ban demonstrations.

Finland and Sweden were also reportedly asked to share information with Turkey and remove restrictions on the defense industry on Turkey.

In 2019, some European countries, including Sweden and Finland, banned arms trading with Turkey in response to a military invasion of Syria.

“It was also stated that if Sweden and Finland become members of NATO, these promises must be fulfilled.” Read the last point in the list.

Earlier this month, Finland’s Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto said that Finland was in the position of Turkish officials in Helsinki. “A kind of purgatory” Was not prepared “In this form”

In late May, Sweden’s Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson said it was easy to respond to Turkey’s main concerns and clarify that Sweden was not sending money or weapons to terrorist organizations.

NATO Secretary General Jason Stoltenberg has repeatedly stated that security concerns of all members should be addressed, but has not publicly called on Sweden and Finland to meet Turkey’s demands. It was. He expressed conviction that they would overcome their differences.

Adding new members to the alliance requires consensus from all NATO member states.

Finland and Sweden, which did not participate in NATO during the Cold War, decided to participate in this block following the Russian attack in Ukraine. Russia has criticized the move and said it believes it threatens its security and must consider appropriate measures. Turkey’s NATO wish list revealed by the media

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