Turkish Cypriots Take ‘Action’ Against UNFICYP After Renewal Resolution

Reports in the occupied territories indicate that the Turkish and Cypriot leaders have imposed undisclosed measures and specific restrictions on UN peacekeepers in Cyprus following the latest resolution to renew UNFICYP’s mandate for another six months. They are planning to take action.

The so-called ‘Minister of Foreign Affairs’ Thaksin Ertugrulloul criticized the resolution as deriving from the approval and authority of the Republic of Cyprus, stating that ‘there is a central authority representing the entire island and there is no central authority’. , is false because it is based on the theory that there is a central government.” “People” are the essence of the Cyprus problem.

He further accused UNFICYP of being biased and not functioning as a neutral force on the island, stating that most of its budget is financed by Greece and Greece-Cyprus, and that the “Turkish-Cypriot side Approval should also have been sought,” he added.

Ertugruroglu issued a warning to UN peacekeepers, noting that the Turkish side was very clear that “if ignored, specific measures must be taken and we have now reached that stage”.

He further said that the public will be notified when these measures are communicated in detail to the United Nations.

“Working on our territory means getting the approval of us and Turkish Cypriots,” the so-called “foreign minister” added. Turkish Cypriots Take ‘Action’ Against UNFICYP After Renewal Resolution

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