Turkish national carrier renamed to “Turkiye”

Turkish President Legep Typ Erdogan On Tuesday, the country’s domestic airlines named it “Turkey “Habayorari” of “Turkish Airlines”.

“”turkey‘It no longer exists. Turkey. From now on, write “”.Turkey ‘Hava Yollari’ instead of’Turkish’ Airlines‘To the body of our planeErdogan He said at a ceremony to commemorate the launch of the country’s new communications satellite.

“Habayorari” is “Airlines“In Turkish. This move is part of a rebranding campaign initiated by Ankara to change the official name of the country from” “.turkeyFrom “” to “Turkey”.

The Turkish government sent a letter to the United Nations in early June, officially registering the country name as “Turkiye”. The United Nations has adopted a new name.

The motivation behind this move is to separate the country’s name from a large bird native to North America called the “turkey.”

Turkish people say “Turkey“Since the establishment of the New Republic in 1923.

In December 2021, the Turkish government said, “Turkey“As the official name of the country, quoting that the original name better represents the country. The public authorities of the country have begun to use it ever since.”Turkey“In their official communication.

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ANI / Xinhua

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