Turkish research vessel may be preparing for operations in eastern Mediterranean, report says

Athens is gearing up for a joint crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus continental shelf as signs and evidence grow that Turkey plans to step up its exploration and drilling activities.

Needless to say, there has been activity in recent weeks at the port of Tusk in southern Turkey, where the research vessel Ork Reis is based.

Sources say Oruc Reis has been upgraded to maximize functionality and nearly double the range of its survey cable from almost 2.5 km to almost 4 km. Two exploration-critical auxiliary vessels recently procured by the Turkish Petroleum Company (TPAO) are docked at Tusk.

Athens is in the fictitious triangle created after the 2020 crisis between Rhodes, Karpathos and the Kastellorizo ​​complex, a potential exclusive economic zone, with Orc Reis defined as “Demre”. We are considering the unlikely, but negative, scenario of a return to Greek zone (EEZ).

This is because Oruc Reis was unable to conduct a 3D survey in this area in 2020 and has only conducted a 2D survey.

Scenarios under consideration may include the possibility of Turkey combining it with the simultaneous advance of the Abdul Hamid Handrill Ship north of Block 6 of Block 6 of the Cyprus EEZ if Turkey chooses to proceed in this direction. is that there is

The possibility of operations at Block 6 is being considered given that Navtex, whose drillship began operations between Turkey and Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus, expires in early October.

According to information obtained by Greek authorities, there appear to be signs of natural gas deposits in the area off the Antalya Bay where Abdulhamid Khan is operating. At the same time, the Turkish side continued its barrage of inflammatory statements on Friday, this time regarding the historical terminology of the disaster in Asia Minor. It makes an unrealistic and absurd statement about the term ‘Asia Minor Catastrophe’.”

“[Greece] It aims to make the world forget the defeat of the Greek army during the invasion of Anatolia as a result of the adventure 100 years ago and the barbaric crimes committed against humanity. Turkish research vessel may be preparing for operations in eastern Mediterranean, report says

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