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Turkiye saves a large number of refugees pushed back into the sea by Greece

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More than 140 refugees, primarily from war-torn countries, have been rescued in the Aegean Sea by the Coast Guard Command as Athens continues its illegal practice of endangering refugees in the waters.

Humanitarian and rights groups have called on Greece to end its illegal opposition to refugees and migrants. (AA)

Turkiye rescued at least 143 asylum seekers from the Aegean Sea in two separate incidents after being pushed back by Greek coastal authorities.

The Coast Guard Command said on Tuesday that it had rescued 137 refugees and migrants illegally pushed back by Greek authorities in the Cesme and Dikiri districts of western Izmir.

Separately, the team saved six additional refugees who were also pushed back by Greek authorities in the Aegean Sea off the Bodrum district in southwestern Mula.

Turkey and human rights groups have repeatedly accused Greece of illegally pushing back asylum seekers and violated international law and human rights values ​​by endangering the lives of vulnerable refugees, including women and children. Stated.

Turkiye was an important transit point for refugees and migrants seeking to start a new life across Europe, especially those fleeing war and persecution.

It has already accepted 4 million refugees, more than any other country, and is taking new security measures at the border to humanely prevent the influx of new refugees.

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