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Turkiye, Ukraine and Russia agree to establish a coordination center in Istanbul – Middle East Monitor

Turkey, Russia and Ukraine have agreed to establish a coordinating center in the city of Istanbul to promote grain exports from Ukraine to the international market amid the impending global food crisis.

The announcement came yesterday following a four-party meeting in Istanbul, which Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said was “positive and constructive.” “Important steps have been taken to help resolve the food crisis, and all details regarding the maritime transport of grain and other food-laden vessels have been discussed,” he said at the meeting.

Akar said all sides have identified a common rationale, especially with regard to technical issues such as navigational safety of transportation routes and joint management of port entry and exit. The effectiveness of the adjustment depends specifically on the guarantee of Russian safety for cargo departing from the Ukrainian Port of the Black Sea and for transportation along a given route.

Akar said, “We believe both parties are ready to resolve this issue, as representatives of Kieu and Moscow will meet again next week in Turkey to review the details of the agreement and sign the document. I will try to reach a conclusion. “this [plan] In cooperation with the United Nations “

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Exports of essentials such as grains, wheat and fertilizers have been hit hard around the world since Russia invaded Ukraine almost five months ago and the conflict continued. Both Russia and Ukraine produce and export about 30% of the world’s wheat supply, and the global food crisis and serious shortages looming later this year are seriously predicted.

Turkiye attempted to mediate between Moscow and Kyiv in that regard and negotiated the promotion of a safe transport corridor from the Black Sea to revive exports of important commodities from Ukrainian ports.

Following this latest meeting and agreement, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky welcomed the progress of the statement and praised “an important effort to restore food supply to the global market.” “I am grateful for the efforts of the United Nations and Turkey respectively,” he said.

“If we can remove Russia’s threat to transportation in the Black Sea, we will remove the seriousness of the global food crisis,” Zelenskyy said.

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https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20220714-4-way-meeting-in-istanbul-agrees-to-establish-coordination-centre-to-facilitate-ukrainian-grain-exports/ Turkiye, Ukraine and Russia agree to establish a coordination center in Istanbul – Middle East Monitor

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