Turzovské Lake: Austro-Hungarian High Society Retreat

Aug 17, 2022 11:33 Me premium content

The Kosice region planning a bright future for spas.

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“If this is a vacationer’s paradise, then there should already be a toboggan here,” says the tourist slogan of Turzovsky Lake in the Kosice region.

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The Turzovské lake near Gelnica is a lesser known but interesting sight in eastern Slovakia.

They once captivated the highest societies of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, who came for the clean air to soothe their lungs and the tranquility and peace to help frayed nerves.

The lake water was boiled with pine needles and there were medicinal baths prepared with medicinal resins to aid circulation.

“The city of Gernica had a spa that was known and loved throughout the monarchy,” author Jan Gaspar writes in his book Gernica, History and Present. The Turzo family, former owners of Gernitzky Castle, were located 2.5 kilometers northwest of the city, at an altitude of about 515 meters, at the edge of a valley where several streams from the slopes of Crompassky meet ( 1,025 m). and Ostrý vrch (1,082 m). From 1760 there was an artificial reservoir here whose water powered hammers and mills for crushing copper ore in the area of ​​the Slovak guilds (Zechen). is here to help. ” data-msg-btn-logout=”Login as a different user” data-msg-btn-close=”Keep me signed in” > Turzovské Lake: Austro-Hungarian High Society Retreat

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