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Twenty-eight random neighborhoods in Jeddah have been destroyed. 4 remaining

Saudi Gazette Report

Jeddah — Mayor Jeddah announced on Monday that 28 slums and random neighborhoods have been destroyed so far as part of the Jeddah redevelopment program. Muhammad Al-Baqmi, a spokesman for the mayor, said:

Talking to the Al-Ekhbariya channel, Al-Baqmi said that notifications will be delivered to the rest of the neighborhood according to the following schedule. Al-Montazahat neighborhood-July 23rd. Quwaizah, Al-Adl, Al-Fadl district-August, UmmAl-Salam district and Kilo14 district-September.

Al-Baqmi said any postponements or changes to the timeline will be announced through the mayor’s official social media account.

The mayor has previously announced that demolition of buildings and removal of rubble will be completed in all covered areas of Jeddah by the previously announced deadline of 17 November 2022.

After the destruction of 20 slums and random neighborhoods was completed before Ramadan and the vacation of Eid al-Fitr, the dismantling of the remaining 12 slums and random districts in the state began. rice field.

According to the mayor, about 20 districts will be developed without being demolished. These include Briman, Al-Ajwad, Al-Khumrah, Al-Sarwat, Al-Wadi, Al-Dahiya, Al-Quzwain, Al-Fadilah, Al-Qurainiyah, Kilo 14, Kilo 15, Kilo 16, Kilo 18, Includes Kilo23. , North District 18, Hawarina, Mahamid, Fau, Fudai Fat.

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