Twist Chortle as the Italian Eurovision winner was caught in the video’Soaking his head’denies cocaine snorting


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The Italian band Måneskin won the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday night with “Zittie buoni” after scoring 524 points in a metal-powered rock performance.

2021 Eurovision Song ContestVictory Act-Måneskin-was forced to take a break from celebrating them victory To deny a storm of accusations that lead vocalist Damiano David was caught by a camera that appears to be taking drugs during a live broadcast.

Moneskin, consisting of lead singer Damiano David, guitarist Victoria De Angelis, musician Thomas Raggi, and drummer Ethan Turchio, will be another participant at the live final on May 22 at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam. I was sitting with.

When seen in a video of Malta contestant Destiny talking to one of the show’s hosts, the camera zooms in on the table hosting Måneskin.

In a video clip that became a hot topic on social media, 22-year-old Damiano David bowed behind a bucket of drink, causing some viewers to speculate that he was inhaling a line of cocaine through his nose.

To resolve the case at a subsequent press conference, Damiano David said:

“I’m not using drugs … Thomas broke the glass with his feet … I’m not using cocaine … don’t say that.”

Lead vocals claimed to have just bent over to help clean up the wreckage.

In their Instagram story, the band later said, “I have nothing to hide, so I’m ready to take the test.”

Måneskin’s Instagram Story

“We’re really shocked to say that Damiano is doing drugs. We’re really against drugs and have never used cocaine,” said Rock’s costume statement. I’m reading.

Netizens spent Field Day on a viral footage involving an Italian band who began their journey to stardom by performing street performances in the city of Rome.

Some were surprised that the singer might have been taking drugs during the event.

Other netizens took the whole case with just a little salt.

It may suggest that people should not “jump to conclusions” …

In honor of guitarist De Angelis’ homeland, Maneskin, a Danish for the moonlight, Received the highest award “Zittiebuoni” scored a total of 524 points, surpassing the French entry “Voila” by Barbara Pravi.

At a press conference, Damiano David noted the fact that the music festival was canceled during the COVID-19 pandemic last year, saying:

“I think the whole event was a relief. I’m really grateful to have the opportunity to attend this huge event.”

The Italian entry is a bookmaker’s favorite and has tracked Switzerland, France and Malta for some time during a vote by the national jury.But it was the votes of the international audience that propelled the rock band. victory.. Twist Chortle as the Italian Eurovision winner was caught in the video’Soaking his head’denies cocaine snorting

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