Twitter bans two right-wing accounts as Elon Musk promotes freedom of speech

San Francisco, May 3: In Elon Musk’s free speech, Twitter reopened the accounts of two prominent conservative figures: My Pillow CEOs Mike Lindell and Dr. Vladimir Zeb.

The Verge reports that the microblogging platform broke platform rules to circumvent the ban and immediately suspended the account immediately after the duo created a new Twitter handle and rejoined the account. Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal reveals why he got this job. Loud staff to work despite “noise”

Lindel was banned last year, but Zelenco was banned in 2020.

Lindel was initially suspended for violating Twitter’s rules for false elections. Elon Musk proposes a certification mark to everyone who signs up for Twitter Blue

Zelenko, who promoted unproven Covid-19 treatment, was banned for violating platform operations and spam rules.

Twitter’s decision began with Mask, which successfully bid $ 44 billion to acquire the platform, promoted freedom of speech and content moderation.

The wealthiest man in the world was the first to support former President Donald Trump’s social network app, Truth Social, by sharing App Store rankings on a microblogging handle.

He later openly criticized Twitter’s legal counsel, Vijaya Gadde, for suspending his account at the New York Post, which wrote an exclusive article about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Musk has long advocated freedom of speech on the platform, causing a lot of anxiety because he fears the site will be left unregulated.

Billionaires have previously said that if Twitter wants to continue to enjoy the trust of the public, it must remain politically neutral.

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