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Twitter Blocks US Republican Account

Twitter said yesterday that it had permanently suspended the personal account of open Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene for violating the platform’s coronavirus (Covid-19) false alarm policy.
Georgia lawmakers have loudly and enthusiastically endorsed Donald Trump and his false allegations that the 2020 elections were stolen, with eccentric anti-vaccine allegations and other false claims about the coronavirus pandemic. Also known for his remarks.
Twitter said it has closed Greene’s personal account (@mtgreenee) for repeatedly violating Covid-19’s false alarm policy.
She still has access to the official Twitter handle @RepMTG. Green used personal ones more often.
“We have permanently suspended the account you referred to (@mtgreenee) because of repeated violations of Covid-19’s false alarm policy,” Twitter said in a statement sent to AFP. “It is clear that the strike system for this policy will permanently suspend your account if you repeatedly violate the policy.”
Twitter did not pinpoint exactly what Green said was worthy of this punishment.
Green said in a Telegram statement that Twitter was “an enemy of the United States and couldn’t handle the truth,” and counterattacked after the suspension.
“That’s fine. It’s time to show America that we don’t need them and defeat the enemy.”
Twitter’s Covid-19 Misinformation Police have adopted a strike system that gradually tightens sanctions for violations.
For example, one strike does nothing. Three strikes will result in a 12-hour account lock, and five strikes will result in a permanent suspension.
Twitter was sanctioning Greene before the permanent suspension.
Her account was suspended for a week in August after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tweeted that the Covid-19 vaccine should not be approved because it was unable to “delay” the spread of the virus.
On Saturday, she tweeted that vaccine deaths were taken seriously in the United States, but now “deaths from very large doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been ignored and the government’s mandatory vaccination is increasing. “.
A year ago, Twitter banned Trump from the platform after a January 6 riot at the US Capitol by Trump supporters excited about his allegations that he was robbed of his victory over Joe Biden.

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