Twitter has reinstated Dublin-based senior executives to company positions, court says

Twitter has told the High Court that it has reinstated Ireland-based senior manager Sinead McSweeney to his position at the company.

Last week, Twitter’s global vice president of public policy, McSweeney, issued a temporary injunction in the High Court that prevented the social networking giant from firing the company.

She was treated as if she was not employed by the company after failing to respond to a generic and vague email sent to all Twitter employees by billionaire owner Elon Musk earlier this month. claimed to have been

She said she never quit her job, but was locked out of Twitter’s IT systems and couldn’t access the company’s Dublin office.

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Twitter’s Mark Connaughton SC, along with Rosemary Mallon BL, appeared when the matter returned to Judge Brian Omoore on Wednesday, stating that the company was responsible for all aspects of the company’s IT systems and Twitter’s Ireland. It said it was offering a promise to restore Ms McSweeney’s access to all aspects of the facility. George’s Quay in Dublin 2.

The attorney said it was also Twitter’s intention to “keep the noise down” to allow Twitter’s human resources representatives to enter into negotiations to settle the dispute with McSweeney.

The attorney said that while his client was ready to make an appointment, Twitter also asked to defer the matter so that his side could formally respond to allegations against it. .

Frank Beatty SC, under the direction of attorney Adrian Toomey, said McSweeney’s statement in court on Twitter’s behalf was welcomed, but his client had concerns about her employment status and commitments. He said he still had concerns about whether the law would be complied with.

Ms McSweeney said she was concerned by Twitter’s initial reaction to her allegations, and that her lawyers are voicing her petition to extend the temporary order until a full hearing of the case is heard by the court. expressed.

Noting the company’s response, Judge Brian Omoore said in court that he was neither a “nervous” nor a “human resources manager” and that he would comply with the law and deal with the matter before him.

He has made a timeline for the exchange of legal documents for the lawsuit and has postponed the lawsuit to a late December date.

He dictated, along with the promise that previously given orders would remain as provided by Twitter.

The judge also recommended that both parties begin the discussion with “frank issues.”

Failure to do so would result in the parties returning to court “in January, February or March of next year,” the judge added.


McSweeney said Twitter let her know that she had accepted a retirement package by not responding to an email Musk sent to employees at the company.

Despite not resigning, she said she was subsequently locked out of Twitter’s Dublin office and internal IT systems, including the company’s email account.

The court heard that a lawyer’s letter was sent to Twitter on her behalf.

She claims Twitter’s lawyers have admitted to her that she has no intention of resigning, confirming that her commitment to her job has “never been questioned,” and that her commitment to IT systems has been “never questioned.” said access would be restored.

McSweeney claimed to be worried about his job because of “various messages” he’s received from both Musk himself and his US-based senior employees since the company was acquired.

Despite being contacted by the company, she remained locked out of both IT systems and Twitter’s Dublin office.

She was unable to attend a scheduled meeting in Dublin and was unable to access the building, feeling embarrassed, humiliated and upset.

She claimed she was “unable to work” and expressed concern that the company had “resigned me” against her terms of employment.

Musk has run the company “in an unorthodox manner” since the acquisition, rehiring and firing “without apparent logic,” she claims, and she trusts the company. said no.


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As a result, Ms McSweeney has filed and secured an interim court order barring Twitter International Unlimited Company from terminating her employment contract.

The unilateral injunction also restricted Twitter from applying the terms of an email Elon Musk sent her on Nov. 16 last year to her contract or terms of employment.

She further prohibits Twitter from communicating with third parties or publishing information to communicate that her employment with the company has changed in any way since November 15 last year. I have secured the order. Twitter has reinstated Dublin-based senior executives to company positions, court says

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