Two beavers help Sussex out of the heat of the British summer



Leaky dams made by beavers cool the surrounding area by gradually seeping water, and it seems that the air is cooled by the evaporation of water stored in the ponds made by beavers.

As the UK endures the heat wave that hit the country this summer, certain areas of Sussex are doing quite well in this situation thanks to a pair of beavers introduced into a rewilding project earlier this year. It seems that.

According to, dams built by beavers have turned small rivers into systems of ponds and channels. This helps irrigate the surrounding land during the dry season.

“The beavers have already created a network of small ponds from the damming they did. They’ve chewed up some of the pond vegetation, and there’s a little beaver lawn,” says residential ecologist Penny Green. said at Knep Wildlands, the rewilding project in question. “But the most interesting thing for us at the moment is that this year has been a year of massive drought and despite the fact that most of the small streams on both sides of the enclosure have dried up, here in Beaver Pen the most amazing wetlands An oasis around us.”

The fact that dams built by Beaver are “slightly leaky,” as Green explained, is a boon. this year. “

Beaver - Sputnik International, 1920, August 13, 2022

Beavers may reduce the impact of heatwaves in drought-hit regions of the UK

The beaver’s efforts also noted that the deep water stored in ponds “usually has a lower temperature” and therefore helps cool the surrounding area, and that water spillage and evaporation lowers both land and air temperatures. It is useful for

It is now illegal to release beavers into the wild in the UK, and the Knepp Wildland beaver breeding is being set up in a 2-hectare enclosure as a licensed trial, the news agency added. Two beavers help Sussex out of the heat of the British summer

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