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Two dams burst in northeastern Brazil

Local officials said yesterday that two dams had collapsed in the state of Bahia in northeastern Brazil after weeks of heavy rains, flooding of already inflated local rivers, and the threat of flash floods.
The Iguadam near the city of Vitoria da Conquista in southern Bahia collapsed on Saturday night, and authorities evacuated endangered residents, primarily in the town of Itambe, down the river.
Yesterday morning, the second dam gave way to the rising sea level of Jusiape, 100 km north, warning residents to move to a safer place.
Bridges and roads were damaged, but no casualties were reported.
“A dam with a large amount of water will collapse and strong flash floods will affect the municipality of Itambe,” Itambe City Hall posted on Saturday in its official Instagram account.
“All residents should urgently evacuate the edge of the Verga River,” he added.
Itambe is an agricultural area in southern Bahia, located about 200 km (125 miles) inland from the coastal city of Ilheus.
Sheila Remos, the mayor of Vitoria da Conquista, said all the inhabitants near the river had been evacuated.
In a post on the city’s website, Remos said floods could block the BR-116 highway, the main truck route between northeastern and southern Brazil.
Bahia Governor Louie Castro said at least 400,000 people were affected by heavy rains and thousands of people were evacuated from about 67 towns facing emergencies due to heavy rain floods for about two months. rice field.
“Thousands of people had to leave the house because the water rose a meter or two, and in some places three meters,” he told reporters on Saturday.
Since the beginning of November, rain has killed 18 people in Bahia, including a 60-year-old ferry owner who drowned in the swollen Rio Das Contas River, according to civil defense officials.
In the provincial capital, Salvador, rainfall in December was six times higher than average, according to meteorological authorities.

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