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Two elementary school students get a patent for “smart helmet”

Two students from the Moza Bint Mohammed Primary School for Girls have patented a “smart helmet” design project from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Intellectual Property Protection Department.

The schools Aliaal-Khaledi and Dalia Bashar achieved this under the supervision of Dr. Yemen Maher Sofi.
Designed by students, “smart helmets” work with negative pressure technology to reduce the transmission of respiratory illness.
According to a press release from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE), the invention is finding ways to protect people with respiratory illness from infection and reduce pressure on primary care centers. This project was brought into discussion as a result of the outbreak of Covid-19.
Principal Aliaal-Hudaifi said she was very pleased and proud of her students’ grades. She states that this is due to the school’s enthusiasm to keep teachers and students motivated. “We encourage new and creative ideas, and ideas always influence the community,” she said.
“The whole world was affected by the situation that resulted from the outbreak of Covid-19. Students chose this invention because the school was closed and they relied on distance learning, and the students came into contact with it,” she said. I added.
Al-Hudaifi thanked the Qatar National Library for accepting students and providing them with the opportunity to search for sources and information to help them carry out the required research. She also praised the Ministry of Public Health’s cooperation for completing the study and providing the necessary information to confirm the theory.
Yemen Maher Sophie said the invention saves people from respiratory disease infections by providing a “smart helmet” with a filter that purifies the air that enters the patient and at the same time purifies the air that exits the patient. He said he would contribute. “This is done by negative pressure purification to contain the polluted air inside the helmet, which removes the helmet, purifies it and then leaves it, which saves the life of the contact and prevents infection,” she explains. Did.
“The Ministry of Higher Education has supported us by providing the support needed to run the school, represented by Principal Aliaal-Hudaifi and Academic Representative Suadal-Amir. Facilitating communication with state institutions involved in the study, “she said, thanking Professor Inas Chatat for overseeing the students and following up on the implementation procedure.
She stated that after the study was nominated for the Distinguished Scientific Research Award by MoEHE, the school completed the necessary procedures by submitting the required studies, summaries, and dissertations.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/709296/Two-primary-school-students-win-patent-for-smart-h Two elementary school students get a patent for “smart helmet”

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