Two men arrested following a shootout in the parking lot of Idaho Falls Temple

The two men were reportedly arrested by Idaho Falls police officers after shooting each other in the parking lot of Idaho Falls Temple on Sunday night.

Frederick Free, 23, of Idaho Falls was arrested for investigating a deteriorating battery due to the use of deadly weapons and possession of controlled drugs and was held in Bonneville County Jail.

Idaho Falls’ 28-year-old Austin Cook was arrested for investigating assault by murder weapons and the release of illegal weapons into occupied vehicles. Before being booked at Bonneville County Jail, Kuck was injured and received medical permission.

Austin Cuck

Just before 7:30 pm on May 8, witnesses told Idaho Falls police between two men in the area of ​​955 and 1000 Memorial Drive, a parking lot between the meetinghouse and the church’s Idaho Falls Temple. I have informed that a shootout has been exchanged. According to the news release, Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

According to police, Kuck was suspected of having stolen his belongings by another person, Free, and confronted them in the parking lot.

Police in Idaho Falls have not identified why the conflict took place outside the temple.

Kuck allegedly identified stolen goods owned by Free and continued oral debate.

In a discussion, Kuck told authorities that Free exhibited firearms and shot Kuck in his hand, according to a police press release.

While driving from the scene, Free told police that Cook had shot multiple shots into his car.

Witnesses and security footage confirmed a series of events, police said.

Police found Cook around 8 pm. At the Idaho Falls Community Hospital where he was being treated for a gunshot wound in his hand.

He contacted the police for free and informed the authorities of his involvement in the shooting.

According to police, during the investigation, Free was found to be in possession of several small blue pills identified as fentanyl.

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