Two men sentenced to 10 years each for the murder of Zaku Kostpoulos

Jewelery store and real estate office owners guilty of fatal physical harm for killing 33-year-old gay rights activist Zakkost Poulos in downtown Athens on September 21, 2018 I was sentenced.

The two men were each sentenced to 10 years in prison without parole.

A 59-year-old realtor was put in jail, but prosecutors suggested that a 77-year-old jewelry store owner spend his time at home for his age.

The prosecutor also suggested that the two prisoners should not be mitigated. He said in his speech that neither jewelers nor brokers reflected on their testimony, but on the contrary, they did not appear to be aware of the criminal value of their actions.

In addition, the Athens Court of Appeals for Mixed Jury Trials found that four police officers charged with involvement in the case were found to be innocent by the split decision.

A video On September 18th, mobile phones and security cameras showed that both prisoners were beating. Zaku Costpoulos He broke the window of the jewelry store to escape the assault and fell on the sidewalk where he was repeatedly kicked.

Some policemen rushed to the scene and picture Four of them were seriously injured and showed that they were beating the probably dying Zaku Kostpoulos.

Zack probably died in an ambulance on his way to the hospital.

The first media reports of the incident claimed that Zaku Costpoulos was a drug addict and entered a jewelry store to steal, but soon revealed the truth that the victim was a well-known LGBT activist.

I was worried both inside the courtroom and outside the building where people gathered after the decision was announced.

Many have blamed the verdict, including the Kostopoulos family and Magda Fyssa, the mother of the murdered rapper Pavlos Fyssas.

When the crowd shouted “murderer!”And the slogan, the presiding judge Reportedly He emptied the room and threatened to arrest those who did not obey for chaotic behavior.

Kostopoulos’s father commented on the verdict that “the rule of law is a joke.”

The victim’s grandmother said, “Pity! I was hoping for something better.”

Family members and supporters wanted the two men to be convicted of the murder. Two men sentenced to 10 years each for the murder of Zaku Kostpoulos

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