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(By Silvia Lambertucci) (ANSA)-May 7, Rome-The powerful torso of two boxers, a large flexible shield that covers the stomach and wraps the arms. Then heads, legs, and other body parts-only days after the latest archaeological campaign resumed, the remains of the Montepra Manulage civilization’s cemetery in Cabras created the remains of two new monumental statues. ..

They are still a mystery, two giants joining the army of warriors and boxers who have made Sardinian ruins world-famous.

Director Monica Stocino told ANSA that the discovery was truly “important” and a precursor to even more surprises in the coming weeks.

Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini also expressed enthusiasm, recalling that the discovery was made less than a year after the establishment of the site, which houses the Ministry of Culture, the Cabras Town Council and the Sardinian local government.

“This is an exceptional discovery, and others will follow,” he commented.

A field survey that began on April 4 confirms that the necropolis extends south and has a major burial road adjacent to the tomb.

“It’s our proof that we’re heading in the right direction,” emphasized archaeologist Alessandro Usai, who has been the scientific director of archaeological excavations since 2014.

Usai explained that the two new giants have different characteristics from the boxers found in the field in the mid-1970s after accidentally discovering this wonderful place.

He said they were of the “Cabalpo” type and, like the last two discovered in 2014, are not far from the current bargains and are distinguished by a very characteristic curved shield.

“It’s a rare model of the statuette of Nuragic Bronze preserved in the Etruscan Museum in Villa Julia, Rome,” archaeologists wrote in a small masterpiece from the tomb of the Cavalpo Cemetery in Vulci, Lazio. Mentioned.

Careful inspection, cleaning, and removal of the two large fuselage will take time due to the specific fragility of the limestone in which they are carved, but there is no doubt that they will provide new research elements.

Stochino is funded by archeology, art and landscape supervision, and the new intervention of Cagliari’s metropolis and Oristano and South Sardinia totaling € 85,000 is ahead of another major intervention of € 600,000. Said. Regional Secretariat of the Ministry of Culture.

This is in addition to a € 2.8 million project to restore everything discovered between 2014 and 2016 to showcase new statues alongside other statues at the Cabras Museum.

This is the work of a team of anthropologists, restorers, architects, archaeologists, and other specialists and universities working with supervisors and foundations. “Elderly people and children,” said Usai, said everyone would work together to find a solution to a historical problem that was built along a burial road and was exclusively for young men, which was raised by this special cemetery 3,000 years ago. Is almost completely missing. ” So far, few women have studied 170 graveyards.

Many mysteries remain about this place, which began around the 12th century BC, the giants of the 11th and 8th centuries BC, and their end.

Who were these huge 2 meter high stones? Is it an ancient caretaker of a sacred area, a buried hero, an expression of the social function of an ancestor, or an identity symbol of a community? And why did they fall and become rubble on the tomb they intended to watch over? Was their end the result of a battle between the local communities or did it depend on the Carthaginians? Usai said he was devoted to another hypothesis of “natural” destruction.

“In my opinion, the giants fell one at a time because the way they were made was out of balance forward,” he said. Archaeologists have concluded that stereotypes need to be exceeded, which has always been valuable to wheat crops and would have done the rest.

“We are looking for a factual answer here,” he said.

Do you know? Perhaps the new research period will produce a definitive discovery (ANSA). Two more giants found in Monteplama-lifestyle

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