Two more vaccination centers to close in Berlin –

In Berlin, two more major corona vaccination centers will be closed in days or weeks.

As announced on Monday by the Lichtenberg District Office, child vaccinations will only be available in front of the IKEA furniture store in Lichtenberg until next Saturday (May 7, 2022). Immunization drive-in at Landsberger Allee Lichtenberg It will close in 2 weeks. According to the district office, the final vaccination will take place here on May 22nd. The remaining vaccination centers at the ICC, Tegel, and Frankfurter Allee ring centers will remain open for the foreseeable future as health authorities notify them upon request.

79.3 percent of Berliners were vaccinated at least once

Corona vaccination has progressed very slowly for months. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), 79.3% of Berlin’s population has been vaccinated with corona at least once. Basic immunity, usually including two vaccinations, was given to 78.2 percent. 60.6% are boosted. In other words, I am receiving booster immunization vaccination. The second booster recommended by RKI to people over 70, residents, caregivers, caregivers, and healthcare facility employees was given to 4.5%.

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Date of issue: 2. May 2022

Last updated: 2. May 2022 Two more vaccination centers to close in Berlin –

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