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Two people killed in antimilitarism protest in Sudan: doctor

Security forces killed two people during a protest against the military regime in Sudan yesterday, according to the Medical Commission.
According to the Sudanese doctor’s central committee, this has resulted in 56 deaths in protests since the coup on October 25.
The commission said the first man was in his twenties and died of a head injury in the capital Khartoum, and the second man died of a gunshot on Omdurman’s chest.
Security forces have not yet commented on death. Yesterday was the 12th major protest since the coup.
Security forces fired tear gas on Khartoum demonstrators as protesters marched toward the Prime Minister’s Office, according to television images.
Internet and mobile services seemed to be disrupted in the city prior to the protests, according to Reuters witnesses.
Some people were able to post images on social media showing protests in several other cities, such as Addamazine, Port Sudan, and Sennar.
According to one Reuters witness, all bridges that directly connect other towns and cities to Khartoum have also been closed.
On a recent occasion when communications were lost, telco sources told Reuters that authorities had requested the provider to stop the service.
Yesterday, authorities couldn’t get immediate comment on this.
The military came to power in a coup d’etat on October 25, ending a power-sharing agreement with civilian political forces. The agreement, agreed in 2019, was to pave the way for elections following the overthrow of the interim government and ultimately long-time leader Omar. Albaseal.
Protests against the junta continued after Abdullah Hamdock returned to prime minister last month, and demonstrators demanded that the military play no role in the government during the transition to free elections.
Six people were killed and hundreds were injured in a national demonstration on Thursday.
Al Hadath TV quoted an adviser to military leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan on Thursday, saying that the military did not allow the country to be confused, and continued protests were “physical, psychological and spiritual of the country. It was “exhaustion”. Will not achieve a political solution. ” The Sudanese sovereign council, led by Barhan, condemned the violence associated with Thursday’s protest and ordered authorities to take all legal and military steps to avoid a recurrence, saying “no one will be punished.” Stated.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707339/Two-killed-in-anti-military-protests-in-Sudan-doct Two people killed in antimilitarism protest in Sudan: doctor

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