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Two pilots killed in a Soviet-era fighter crash in India

New Delhi: According to the Air Force, two pilots died in India after a Soviet-era fighter crashed during a training sortie, raising safety concerns after a series of aircraft-related incidents.

According to the Pentagon, the MiG-21 landed in the desert of western Rajasthan near the city of Bermer on Thursday night.

The crash was the sixth MiG-21 aircraft since January last year, killing five pilots.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) said the trainer had “accidented” and was ordered to investigate to determine the cause of the crash.

“The IAF deeply regrets the loss of life and confronts the bereaved family firmly,” the Air Force tweeted.

Local media footage showed that fiery debris was widespread.

Defense Minister Rajnatsin said he was “extremely suffering” from the deaths of two pilots in the crash.

“Their service to the nation will never be forgotten,” Shin said on Twitter.

The MiG-21 jet first entered India in the 1960s and served as the backbone of the country’s air force for decades.

However, due to numerous crashes over the last few decades and inadequate safety records, planes have come to be called “flying caskets.”

India has invested billions of dollars in the modernization of the Air Force. This is an initiative motivated by decades of competition with Pakistan and heightened tensions with China.

The army purchased dozens of French Rafale fighters and began delivering them in 2020.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/two-pilots-killed-as-soviet-era-fighter-jet-crashes-in-india/ Two pilots killed in a Soviet-era fighter crash in India

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