Two Romanian Independent Hotels Nominated for Sustainable Tourism in Europe – Romanian Journal

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Two independent Romanian hotels have been nominated for the European Sustainable Tourism Awards “GrINN Awards 2022” sponsored by Quartz Inn Hotels for their commitment to sustainability and environmental friendliness.

The main purpose of this award is to promote good sustainable practices in the tourism sector and to raise public awareness of the environmental impact of tourism activities.

Leaders in the hotel, facilities and tourism industry in 23 European countries will be nominated and finalists will be announced within a few weeks after deliberation by the judges. Winners will be selected from all finalists after the open ballot process.

Credit: Ursa Mică Glamping Resort

Ursamika Glamping Resort Ciocanu | Argeș

Its originality stands out. It consists of 12 luxurious tents in the middle of nature overlooking Europe’s last primeval forest.

The tent is made of 100% sustainable cotton and is one of the most renewable and biodegradable fabrics.

Some of the sustainable practices practiced at this facility are: Recycling and waste reduction, greenhouse gas reduction, emission minimization, use of solar panels, conservation of nature and local wildlife, support for local communities and local small businesses-food is sourced locally From nearby small farms and sheds-and the water supply comes from the Buchez Mountains.

With all these efforts, Ursa Mică has been nominated for records in 10 categories: Best Sustainable Progression, Most Sustainable Female Entrepreneurs, Best Sustainable Initiatives, Best Local Gastronomy, Best Sustainability. Possible Rural Hotels, Best Sustainable Mountain Hotels, Best Sustainable Accommodations in Eastern Europe, Best Sustainable and Original Accommodations in Europe, Best Nature Accommodations, Best Responsible Accommodation Projects ..

Valea Celor Doisprezece Dobreni | Neamts

Credit: Valea Celor Doisprezece

Valea Celor Doisprezece is another very original property. Its owner created a village handmade from natural materials such as soil, wood and stone, which is kind to nature and the environment. Each home is unique and offers the whole concept, construction and service.

They have been nominated for two categories: the best sustainable original accommodation and the best natural accommodation in Europe. Two Romanian Independent Hotels Nominated for Sustainable Tourism in Europe – Romanian Journal

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