Two suspicious cases in Athens were confirmed to be “positive”

Two suspicious cases were confirmed positive for the Omicron variant of Covid-19, announced Monday by the Academy of Biological Research Institute of Athens (IIBEAA).

Two cases were detected in Attica. The patient was reportedly a Greek living in South Africa and traveled to Greece on November 16 before the country imposed strict restrictions.

Infected patients underwent clinical examination after the onset of mild symptoms of respiratory infection. They are currently being closely monitored at the Raiko Hospital in Athens.

Suspected Omicron mutant Reportedly It appeared when a molecular PCR test recorded additional features of Covid-19.

First confirmed case Omicron variant The patient was found on Crete on December 2. The patient is also a Greek permanent resident of South Africa and arrived on 27 November. He was ordered to quarantine at home and told the media that he had only mild symptoms.

Please note that there are no direct flights between the two countries.

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