Typhoon Chaba landed in Guangdong, China

Guangzhou, July 2nd: According to the Xinhua News Agency, the third typhoon this year, Chaba, landed in the coastal area of ​​Maoming, Guangdong Province, in southern China around 3 pm on Saturday. According to the State Meteorological Bureau, Chaba travels northwest at a speed of 15-20 km / h, passing through Shigena and entering the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Saturday night.

According to weather forecasts, heavy rains and storms are expected to hit the western part of the Pearl River Delta over the weekend, and the sea off Guangdong will experience strong gusts of about 160 km / h. According to the Xinhua News Agency, the state government has upgraded the typhoon emergency response level to Level II. This is the second highest level that goes into effect on Saturday at 8:30 am. At the beginning of Monday, China’s National Meteorological Center updated its yellow warning against storms in some parts of the country.

Due to heavy thunderstorms and heavy rains, the center advises to stop outdoor operations in dangerous areas and provides safety measures such as flight restrictions, speed limits and temporary closures to airports, railroads, highways and water transport units. Safety urged to secure personnel and traffic. Typhoon Chaba hits southern China.

A total of 548,000 people were affected by heavy rains in Jiangxi Province, China last Tuesday, according to the state’s hydraulic headquarters.

The local weather bureau predicted another storm in the state this week. According to local governments, torrential rains and floods since May 28 have caused havoc in 80 counties in the state.

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