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Typhoon kills five rescuers in Philippines

Rescue workers were walking through flood waters when a side wall collapsed and they were caught in a rapid current, officials said.

Residents wait on their roofs for flooding to subside after Super Typhoon Noru in San Miguel, Bulacan, Philippines, on September 26, 2022. (Reuters)

Officials said Monday that five rescuers have died in the Philippines after being dispatched to flooded communities during a powerful typhoon.

The typhoon hit the main island of Luzon on Sunday and Monday, bringing heavy rains and unleashing violent winds that knocked down trees and flooded low-lying communities.

So far, there have been no reports of widespread serious damage.

Five rescue workers died in San Miguel, Bulacan, near the capital Manila.

“They were sent to the flooded area by the state government,” said Lt. Col. Romuald Andrés, San Miguel’s police chief.

Andres said rescuers were walking through floodwaters when a wall next to them collapsed and they were caught in a rapid current.

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super typhoon

The Philippines is regularly hit by storms, and scientists warn that the storms are getting more powerful as climate change warms the world.

A state weather forecaster said super typhoon Noru slammed into the archipelago nation on Sunday after an “explosive intensification” of unprecedented wind speeds.

After making landfall about 100 kilometers northeast of the densely populated capital Manila, it was weakened by the typhoon as it crossed mountains, coconut plantations and rice fields.

About 75,000 people were evacuated from their homes before the storm hit as the Japan Meteorological Agency warned that heavy rains could cause “severe flooding” in vulnerable areas, trigger landslides and destroy crops.

But Monday morning there were no signs of the widespread devastation many had feared.

“We were ready for all this,” President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said at a briefing with the disaster agency.

“You might think I’ve gone too far. There’s no such thing as too much disaster.”

Although the typhoon raged, officials said it passed quickly and no major damage to homes has been reported so far. However, some crops were wiped out.

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Source: AFP

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