U.S. cybercrime cases have a Cyprus angle

Israeli private detectives have been detained in New York since 2019 on suspicion of being involved in the Hacker for Hire program and have pleaded guilty to wire fraud, hacking plots, and deteriorating identities.

According to Reuters, federal prosecutors have organized a series of hacking missions on behalf of an unnamed third party by detective Aviram Azari against a New York-based American company, fake websites and phishing. He states that he used a message to steal his email account password.

What is interesting to Cyprus is the fact that Azari has registered a company in Cyprus. In short, he used Cyprus to drive his business. The companies were MALEMO LTD, VINENCIA LTD and NEROSIA LTD, and he was the only director of all three companies.

In addition, during the course of the legal process, it was alleged that among the Russian oligarchs involved was Oleg Deripaska, a Cypriot-acquired aluminum mogul, but Deripaska’s representative denied that claim. U.S. cybercrime cases have a Cyprus angle

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