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U.S. Judge Blocks Biden Federal Workers’ Covid Vaccine Obligation

A Texas judge ruled that President Joe Biden could not require federal officials to be vaccinated against the coronavirus (Covid-19) and prevented the U.S. government from disciplining non-compliant personnel. Did.
By November 22, Biden has ordered approximately 3.5 million workers to be vaccinated, except for religious or medical accommodation.
US District Judge Jeffrey Brown said the question was “whether Biden can require millions of federal employees to receive medical treatment as a condition of employment.”
“It’s a bridge too far under the current state of the law recently announced by the Supreme Court,” he said.
Based in Galveston and appointed by former President Donald Trump, Brown said the government could protect public health by less invasive means such as masking and social distance.
The US Department of Justice said it would appeal the decision.
White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said 98% of federal workers are vaccinated or seek medical or religious exemptions.
“We are confident in our legal authority,” she said in response to the judge’s decision.
The judge said it was his understanding that the government would impose imminent disciplinary action on non-compliant employees.
This ruling is the latest in a series of court decisions that violate government vaccine requirements.
In mid-January, the US Supreme Court blocked the president’s obligation to vaccinate or test large corporations for Covid-19. This is a conservative judge who is considered to have improperly imposed on the lives and health of many Americans.
The court has granted separate federal vaccine requirements for medical facilities.
A third vaccine requirement for federal contractor employees was blocked by a federal judge in December.
Covid-19 was a two-year pandemic that killed more than 800,000 people in the United States and had a major impact on the economy.
Many large companies, such as United Airlines and Tyson Foods, have advertised that they have succeeded in using mandates to vaccinate almost all staff.
A Supreme Court ruling that blocked delegation to large corporations urged some employers, including Starbucks, to waive their staff’s vaccine requirements.

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