U.S. professor reaches reconciliation with Garuda over racist explosion

Garda agrees to make a financial contribution to Pavipoint as part of a reconciliation with a U.S. professor who claims that military members made racist statements about the Roman and Traveler communities in 2017. bottom.

The case is by a professor EthelbrooksThe chairman of the European Roma Rights Center passed immigration at Dublin Airport on his way to the Rome Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Professor Brooks, a Roma heritage, said, “Yes, stealing and begging people” when explaining why he visited Garda members for immigration at the time.

When Professor Brooks informed him about her legacy, she claimed he said. You also have to look at your wallet. “

She also said the immigration officer mentioned the minority status given to Irish Travelers and Rome earlier that year.

“Border guards say:” And now they will gain minority status, enjoy social benefits and do all sorts of things … it’s really about people’s behavior … it’s about people’s behavior. It ’s about how you ca n’t really live by them. ”

Professor Brooks’s discrimination against the army on foot of the case reached a settlement in the Circuit Court on Thursday. Professor Brooks was represented by the Free Legal Advice Centers (FLAC).

In the settlement, the unit admitted that “Professor Brooks suffered from his experience with Anne and was offended. Irish police Everyone should be treated politely and respectfully, regardless of background or ethnicity, while passing immigration at Dublin Airport. “

It agreed to make a financial contribution to the Pavipoint Traveler and the Rome Center, “promising to provide training to all members of Angalda Shiochana regarding their responsibilities under the Equal Status Act. Did”.

Professor Brooks said: That was something I didn’t expect.

“I’ve noticed that Travelers and Rome now show the racism and discrimination they face every day in Ireland.”

“Don’t be surprised”

FLAC’s solicitor, Sinéad Lucey, said Professor Brooks’s treatment was “horrifying but not surprising.”

“FLAC greatly welcomes the settlement of this important proceeding by Professor Brooks and the promise made by Anne Garda Shiochana in the settlement agreement.

“We hope that Anne Garda Shiochana’s commitment will help address the negative attitudes and systematic issues that enable such incidents to occur in the first place.

Professor Brooks’ complaint was initially Workplace Relations Committee In 2019, however, it was rejected because it did not comply with strict notification requirements under the Equality before the Law.

Lucy said the proceedings were “significant legal issues” regarding the extent to which the prohibition of discrimination under the law applies to Garda and the requirement for the petitioner to notify the petitioner of his willingness to complain. He said he had raised it.

Travelers and human rights groups in Rome welcomed the settlement on Thursday.

Martin Collins, Co-Director of Pavipoint Traveler and Rome Center, gave a clear message that the case “is completely unacceptable for racist comments by Angardashiochana or other civil servants in the process of their obligations. He said he wanted to “send.”

A Garda spokesman did not comment on the court’s ruling, but said, “At this time, there is nothing more to add to the comments made by the statutory agent during the hearing.” U.S. professor reaches reconciliation with Garuda over racist explosion

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