U.S. Senator Postpones $ 40 Billion Aid Package to Ukraine

U.S. Senator Rand Paul blocked a vote on the $ 40 billion aid package for Ukraine on Thursday, delaying U.S. efforts to quickly provide assistance to Ukraine in the fight against Russia’s invasion.

“We cannot save Ukraine by ruining the US economy,” Paul said.

A unanimous vote in the Senate would have facilitated the provision of aid to Ukraine.

However, Paul’s move delayed voting for another week when the Senate was expected to pass the bill.

Employees of the Donetsk People's Republic of Emergency Ministry clean up the rubble next to the damaged Mariupol Theater building on May 1 during a fierce battle in Mariupol, under the jurisdiction of the Donetsk People's Republic government in eastern Ukraine. rice field.

Latest Trends in Ukraine: May 13th

Ukraine says negotiations are underway to release 38 incompetent soldiers from Mariupol’s Azovstal ironworks in exchange for Russian prisoners.

In a Facebook post, Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereschuk described the meeting as “very difficult.”

“Some politicians, journalists, and public figures” commented on the negotiations hurt the negotiation process and demanded that people “refrain from making public comments about what you didn’t know.” Stated. Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö and Prime Minister Sanna Marin announced Thursday approval to join NATO, a move to complete a major policy shift in the country in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“NATO accession will strengthen Finland’s security. As a member of NATO, Finland will strengthen the entire defense alliance,” they said in a joint statement. “Finland must apply for NATO membership without delay. We hope that the national measures still needed to make this decision will be swiftly taken within the next few days.

Leaders said they came to their decision after the Finnish parliament and the public had time to consider the issue and consult with NATO and neighboring Sweden. Swedish officials are expected to consider their own possible NATO applications in the coming days.

When Finland applies for membership, NATO Secretary-General Jason Stoltenberg said, “They will be warmly welcomed by NATO and the accession process will be smooth and expeditious.”

“Finland is one of NATO’s closest partners, a mature democracy, a member of the European Union and an important contributor to the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Board,” said Stortemberg. ..

File-Finnish Border Guard patrols the Finnish-Russian border, November 3, 2009.File-Finnish Border Guard patrols the Finnish-Russian border, November 3, 2009.

Will Finland’s 1,300-kilometer border become the NATO-Russia frontier?

Russia has warned against NATO enlargement, saying Finland and Sweden’s participation will have “serious military and political consequences.”

“The enlargement of NATO and our approach to the alliance to the border does not make the world and our continent more stable and secure,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters Thursday. rice field.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tweeted that he praised Finland’s decision on the phone with Niinistö.

The battle for Ukraine took place across the battlefield on Wednesday, Kyiv closed the Russian natural gas pipeline to supply European housing and industry, and officials set up in Moscow, southern Ukraine, were dominated by Russian troops. After that, the Kremlin said the city of Kherson should be annexed.

Ukraine’s natural gas pipeline operator has suspended Russia’s transport through a Moscow-backed separatist-controlled hub in eastern Ukraine due to interference from enemy forces, including apparent gas uptake. He said he was.

Approximately one-third of Russia’s gas to Western Europe passes through Ukraine, but one analyst has limited immediate impact, as many can be redirected through another pipeline. He said it could be a target. Russia’s huge state-owned Gazprom said gas flowing to Europe via Ukraine has decreased by 25% from the previous day.

The European Union aims to end its considerable reliance on Russia’s energy to heat the housing and fuel industry as part of its announced efforts to punish Russia for its 11-week invasion of Ukraine.

However, it faces opposition from 27 member states, especially Hungary, saying that if Russia’s energy supply is cut off, the economy will be hit hard.

Meanwhile, Kirill Stremosov, deputy director of the Kherson regional administration established by Moscow, told Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency that “the city of Kherson is Russia.”

He said Putin made Kherson a Russian “appropriate” just as Moscow occupied Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and declared Luhansk and Donetsk as independent organizations shortly before the invasion of Ukraine on February 24. Asked to declare “Region”.

Peskoff said it was “it was up to the inhabitants of the Kherson region” to make such a request and confirm that there was an “absolutely clear” legal basis for the action.

Ukrainian presidential adviser Mihailo Podryak condemned and tweeted the concept of annexation. The Ukrainian army will release Kherson no matter what language they play the game.

Kherson is a port on the Black Sea with a population of approximately 300,000, providing access to freshwater to nearby Crimea. Russian troops captured it early in the war.

Some information in this story comes from The Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, and Reuters. U.S. Senator Postpones $ 40 Billion Aid Package to Ukraine

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