U.S. Senator urges Biden to refuse US visa to attend UNGA for Iran’s President-elect Raisi


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Ebrahim Raisi was elected the next president of Iran in the 13th presidential election in mid-June. His inauguration is scheduled for August 5.

Republican Senators Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, Chuck Grassley, Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and Masha Blackburn call on US President Joe Biden To ban Iran’s presidential election, Ebrahim Raisi, From entering the United States to attend the UN General Assembly.

of Letter to the President of the United States On Tuesday, Republican lawmakers named Raishi “a consistent supporter of inhumane punishment for the people of Iran” and “human rights abusers.” They also claimed that the Iranian president-elect “continued to impose extrajudicial charges, torture and the death penalty on the people of Iran.”

“Ebrahim Raisi should continue to be sanctioned under US law. If the UN General Assembly maintains its current plan to allow direct attendance, the White House will attend Raisi and other Iranian leader visas. Should be rejected, “the Senator wrote.

Republicans referred to what they described as a “strong precedent” for denying entry visas to foreign leaders, citing cases involving primarily Iranian citizens.

Biden did not comment on the senator’s call.

Iran’s President-elect has been said to have been part of the so-called death penalty since 1988. The commission has been accused of ordering the arrest and execution of thousands of Tehran political opponents at the time. This is a strong denial of Islamic republic.

Raisi has been declared the winner of Iran’s 13th presidential election in June. Its fairness was quickly questioned By the United States.But Tehran Brand US criticism of Iran’s elections as “interference”“We do not have the authority to express our views on elections in other countries,” Washington said.

Raisi, a former presiding judge associated with the priesthood and the country’s supreme religious leader, will take office on August 5.

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In this September 13, 2005 file photo, the member state flags are flying outside the General Assembly building at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Is it legal for the United States to refuse visas for diplomats assigned to the United Nations?

Republican senators are gathering to provide a platform for UN rallies to find common ground among world leaders, but especially in the UN, foreign civil servants seeking to attend diplomatic events. It was correct to note that there is a precedent for refusing a visa. A language for a range of important global issues.

In 2014, Republican lawmakers alleged that Iran’s ambassador Hamid Abau Alebi, who was “involved in taking a US diplomat hostage in 1979,” was not allowed entry into the United States by the Obama administration. In 2020, Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s US visa, which was then expected to address the UN Security Council, was denied.

Diplomats assigned to the United Nations in Russia I also faced visa issues when trying to attend a UN eventAs when Konstantin Volontsov, the head of the Russian delegation, was to attend a meeting of the United Nations Disarmament Commission. In 2019, dozens of members of the Russian delegation to the UN General Assembly were denied visas, claiming that Washington was unable to submit the required documents on time. This is what the Russian side argued.

Critics accused the move of violating 1947 United Nations-US Headquarters Agreement, This assumes that the United States will allow foreign officials to the country hosting the United Nations Headquarters.

In particular, Article 11 of the Agreement states that “US federal, state, or local governments shall not impose any obstacles on transportation to or from the headquarters area.” […] Representative of UN members or officials. “

In addition, according to Article 13, “US law on the entry of foreigners must not be applied in a manner that interferes with the privileges referred to in Article 11.”

“If the person mentioned in that section needs a visa, they shall be granted free of charge and as soon as possible,” the document reads. U.S. Senator urges Biden to refuse US visa to attend UNGA for Iran’s President-elect Raisi

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